About Us

Frank's Story

I grew up in Glendale Arizona in the 1950’s at my folk’s small dairy, back when that area was all farms, citrus groves, cotton fields, irrigation ditches, and dirt roads. My brother Fred and I started out life crawling on their room-size Navajo rugs, which they had acquired when my father, J.D., worked for the Santa Fe Railroad as a station agent in Winslow, along the borders of the Navajo reservation in the 1930’s and 40’s. We visited that country a lot; they knew old cowboys, Navajo and Hopi Indians, and trading post operators, and we would ride by train since we had a family pass. It was then that the grandeur of the Southwest instilled in my soul a deep sense of place.

Starting in 1970, under the influence of Ed Abbey and Gary Snyder, I ventured out into the backcountry and climbed the mountains, ran the rivers, and backpacked the desert canyons of the west. For several years I was an Outward Bound instructor in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico, and made a number of first ascents of rock climbs in Arizona.

About 1985 I remembered those Navajo rugs that my folks had had, which were long gone by now, and wanted some of my own. I contacted a few dealers and began to acquire not only rugs, but all types of Native Southwestern art. Soon I found that if I sold a piece, I would be able to buy more, and I began attending auctions, antique shows, studying, visiting museums and meeting other dealers. Eventually the art took over my life, and in 1996, when my employer wouldn’t grant me leave to attend a show in Santa Fe, I decided to make the leap into the art world full time.

I shared a small gallery with Ancient Arts in Old Town Scottsdale, off Main Street. If you came to Scottsdale and were a trader or a knowledgeable collector, you stopped in and saw us. During this period, I visited Mexico several times and grew to appreciate the Folk Art of the region.

I also visited Santa Fe regularly, for shows and to trade with other dealers. In 2001 at I met Amy Bianco at Dewey Galleries, on the plaza in Santa Fe. We were married in 2008.

Amy and I are available by phone or appointment in Santa Fe at 480-251-6383. Please call or email us with any questions regarding items on the website, or if you are seeking material. We offer appraisals and jewelry repair and are seeking purchases and consignments for the gallery.

Amy's Story

Amy has a background in public and commercial radio broadcasting, music festival production and promotion, art gallery administration, creative writing, and organizational management. An opportunity to be the executive assistant to Ray Dewey at Dewey Galleries on the Santa Fe Plaza began her education of and appreciation for the indigenous and Hispanic arts of New Mexico. Ray also introduced Amy to Frank in 2001.

They both adore animals of all shapes, breeds, and sizes. Amy currently sings, plays old-timey banjo, and ukulele in a trio called Bo Daddy and the Bodettes.